The Land Flipper Book

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Somehow, in the flip-craze of the past decade or so, one specialized market has been almost entirely overlooked: Dirt. Land. While it’s easy to find books, seminars and miscellaneous advice on flipping everything from houses to antiques, this book takes us into the specialized market of raw acreage – how to buy it, remodel it, divide it, market it, and finally flip it.

This is not another book or seminar about how to buy cheap lots at tax sale, but the essential 101 course into the nuts and bolts of flipping land in your own back yard for potentially enormous profit. We present an easy business model, explaining how to start from scratch and with enough hard work, build an empire within this underappreciated niche of the real estate market.

With a little common sense, determination, and a copy of this book, you can free yourself from wage slavery and get in on the land grab happening outside of major and minor cities the world over. As anyone will tell you, they keep on making people but they stopped making land a long time ago. It’s a business where the demand goes up and supply goes down every day. Inside you’ll learn detailed information about the land flipping business, including:

The Land Flipper is a must-read book for anyone interested in buying, owning, and selling vacant land.